Side Gigs You Can Start For Next To Nothing

September 28, 2019


Graphic Design.

Having a background in graphic design is going to be helpful, ...yes, but it's certainly not required. It’s relatively easy to learn the foundations of graphic design on your own and as you go. Just about anyone with a bit of creativity, and motivation can earn a side income doing things like designing (and selling) images that can be printed onto posters and sold on platforms like Etsy. Use platforms like Canva to help you create for free.


You can find a local startup, small business owner, or photographer who could benefit from some extra help designing or altering images.


You Tube

Build a following on youtube by continually uploading content. Be reliable. Be consistent. Find a niche. Since you are most likely reading this from your smartphone the cost is virtually nonexistent. You are already affording them, that is. So why not let it help you bring in some extra cash. 


Use sights like Canva to create professional art for your channel. Its all FREE! 




Do you have skills or knowledge you can package into a downloadable eBook that delivers real value to those seeking to learn a skill, advance in their careers, or start their own businesses, makes for a strong value proposition if you target the right audience. Put in some serious work with your eBook, build an audience and you'll have a platform, then you can write one of the best business books and really build your personal brand.


You can check out my ebook here:



Amazon Reselling.

Anyone can sell goods on Amazon, provided you have products to sell (or buy low, then resell). If you’re the type to hit all the local garage sales each weekend, there are all sorts of valuable things that can be resold online as a side hustle business idea. Grow this home-based business idea from side hustle into a lucrative money-maker.


Social Media Manager.

Many of us are guilty of spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest sometimes, so why not get paid to put your expertise to work? Lots of companies, particularly startups or those in retail and travel—even influencers have heavy social media presences and are constantly in need of people to help build their brands online. You can find these types of opportunities on sites like Flexjobs and CareerBuilder.

Build your own social following and create a personal brand for yourself and countless opportunities will come your way.


Google Paid Ad Specialist.

If you know a thing or two about paid internet marketing and are comfortable with Google, a great way to make some extra income on the side is to manage a company’s Google Ad Campaigns, and slowly start bringing on more clients as your consulting business grows. Just be sure to brush up on all the right business slang and industry lingo that's pervasive in the online marketing world.


Landing Page Specialist.

If you have a way with words and know how to make the keyword-friendly, beautifully designed, SEO-optimized landing pages, why not charge other companies for your services and turn it into a money-making side hustle business? Even a short landing page is worth a couple of hundred bucks in most cases, and so much more if you know how to pitch well. Get started as a landing page specialist or freelance copywriter, check out Neville Medhora's awesome post on How to Become a Copywriter with No Experience.


Sell on Etsy.

Have a talent for crafting or creating other handmade products? From bracelets to phone cases, rings, furniture, and so much more, Etsy is one of the world's largest independent marketplaces that’s perfect for anyone who is creative and willing to sell their handmade creations. As long as you have space this can make for one of the best home business ideas that can be started as a side hustle with a very limited investment. Certainly one of the most fulfilling.



Fiverr is a great place for first-time freelancers who might not have tons of experience and want to build up a portfolio of their work. You'll be able to accomplish simple tasks ranging from logo design to creating animations.

Portrait Photographer.

If you own a camera, starting a freelance portrait photography business could be a very reasonable way to make a side income. Start with doing free shoots for friends and family to build up a strong online portfolio, get familiar with your gear and the editing process, then you'll be able to get paid for photographing professional head shots and celebratory family moments as your side hustle business idea. 

Partnering with a cosmetology friend or two you can increase the value of the portraits by offering hair and make-up services on the day of the shoot. Where I am from, the going rate for 3 portrait style head shots can be upwards of 200$. Scheduling a local 2-day weekend event could turn out to be an extremely lucrative weekend. 



You can see some of my photography work here and around the site:

I hope this inspires you! 



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