Mandatory Vaccinations (under threats of violence)

March 15, 2019

 The latest target of state-induced fear mongering is surrounding legislation being put forth by a number of states (and potentially the federal government) to squeeze the freedom of choice one has over their own body and the bodies of their offspring. 

Some parents are outraged, and rightfully so. They believe the state has legitimate authority to tell them what to do (they don't). 


They believe the state is going to force "unavoidably unsafe" vaccines into the bodies of them/their children with coercion and state-backed violence. Well, that is precisely what is unfolding.


Unfortunately, this is likely to happen IN SPITE of the fact that the states "authority" is illegitimate/illogical. It won't come in the form of door to door household checks although that's exactly what recent Oregon legislation has proposed by mandating "well visits" of ALL  newborn babies and removing all exemptions except medical. What is more likely is they will mandate requirements at government cross-sections under veiled threats of violence for non-compliance.

I can assure you the only thing the state legitimately has when it comes to telling you what to do is a monopoly on force. That's it. Keeping this in mind I understand the dangers of bucking the system and the potential that has to make you a target, especially when children are involved. Keeping all of that in mind the only rights you ACTUALLY have are the ones you are willing to stand up and fight for (IMO). 


There is something seriously wrong with forcing others to do what you want them to do. If your idea was so great, you certainly wouldn't need force to back it.


The all or nothing approach is a huge problem. The "laws" don't allow for a schedule outside of what the CDC is recommending. You either do it how the government says when the government says OR ELSE! Parents can't modify the schedule or time frame without risking a backlash. Your freedom to choose is all but nonexistent in this respect. This puts parents who only want selective vaccines in the awkward position of all or nothing - neither which they may be comfortable with.


Tightening the stranglehold: Eliminate exemption/Increase mandates


Exemptions are all but eliminated in California, Mississipi, West Virginia and now Oregon, where medical exemptions for vaccines are the only exemptions "allowed". The Senate is currently considering a bill that would federally mandate this across the board. Making the only way you can get out of injecting your children with something "unavoidably unsafe" is to get a doctors approval. The same doctor who works as a gruntman/sales rep for the same pharmaceutical companies creating the vaccines. Conflict of interest, much? Is the term "doctor" really just a euphemism?

Then you have the mandatory requirements cross sections, in this case, it is starting in the schools. Schooling that is compulsory and forced onto families at the barrel of a government gun. Don't believe me, try not sending your child without permission. From the days in attendance to the curriculum government has mandates for public schooling at every turn.

SureSo home school, you say. ! I am a proponent of taking your child's education into your own hands - however, this is not even safe from mandatory injections. 14 states already require home schooled children to be vaccinated according to the CDC's schedule , 7 states have conflicting laws that could certainly be used against you, and just over half don't require vaccinations for home schooled children and these are generally protected under a religious doctrine of some sort.


This is a slippery slope, the potential to require vaccinations on children and adults at every government cross section is very real, with emphasis on cross sections the government controls under threats of violence and by force.


ie. Income tax, Social Security, Driver Licenses, even forced vaccinations through the prison system where the majority of humans are being held for victimless "crimes"
I want to be clear I am NOT a proponent of these things and I believe utilizing them should be avoided as much as possible, I am also aware that merely avoiding them becomes a risk where violence may be used to force you into submission.


So now you have an entity licensing vaccinations, setting the recommendations for the vaccines that they themselves license, who just so happen to also control the legislation (or: laws you must abide by or be threatened with violence) for and now are considering mandating at a federal level while eliminating freedom of choice over one's own body.


Are you still with me?

So this is where the buzz comes in... or should I say, is getting censored out?


A very observable timeline of events rolled out over the last 3 months.

  • It started in January when the WHO (World Health Organization) announced unvaccinated individuals as a top ten global health "threat"

  • Shortly after that Pinterest begins censoring any information that is going against the mainstream "there's a vaccine for that"narrative , and reportedly "urges" Facebook to do the same.

  • The Senate has their first of two meetings over the next two months focusing on legislation brought forth by 30 states asking for a combination of both more strict and more lenient laws regarding vaccines.

  • Amazon bans anti-vaccine movies from Prime and vows to flush out books that go against the pro-vaccine narrative.

  • Mainstream media covers the story of an unvaccinated boy who turns 18 and "defies" his mother getting all of his vaccinations. (Yay Vaccines!) He then shows up to the next Senate meeting and speaks.

  • The Senate meets again in early March in an attempt to "decide" if the Feds will step in and mandate vaccines at the federal level. The guise being  "for the children" but the children in this country are clearly the ones suffering from this never before rolled out on humanity "vaccine schedule".

  • Facebook follows other platforms and bans pro-choice anti-MSM narrative content, labeling it "misinformation". This I find ironic considering much of the information pertaining to the dangers, payouts, injuries, and ingredients can readily be found online at government-run sites. 


This timeline helps connect the dots when it comes to the ties between the media, social media, the government, and of course the pharmaceuticals Industry and their revolving door politics with the government.


Its Profit Before Patients and Big Pharma consistently has the profit margins to prove it. 


100 thousand people die a year from prescription medicines alone, prescribed by doctors! The same doctors carrying out this forced vaccination schedule and often times coercing or fear-mongering a decision out of parents.  The reason, profit. Trust me, EVERYONE PROFITS - but you. You have all of the risks, the industries have zero liability - that falls on taxpayers, as a matter of fact. To the tune of billions and billions of dollars.

The entities that be, want you to believe you have to protect others from (illness) by injecting yourself with ingredients that are known to be harmful to humans! Care for a bout of mental gymnastics, anyone?


Let's give vaccines the benefit of the doubt for this moment an assume they do in fact work at protecting people from disease, why would the people who have been protected via vaccination be concerned with catching a disease they have been vaccinated for?


I can assure you parents who choose not to vaccinate are aware of the risks and rewards of catching and fighting a disease naturally with your bodies immune system. Parents who choose not to vaccinate have agonized over their decision in most cases (which can't be said for the blind faith obedience of those running with the narrative). If parents think vaccinating their children will protect them - then vaccinate away, I suppose. Why all the fear of unvaccinated children building innate immunity?


Since when else does what you do to your body "protect" your neighbor's kid? 


This reasoning clearly didn't work on the ship out to sea with 700 vaccinated military seamen who have been quarantined since December because of an outbreak of mumps on the ship. This story, by the way, was kept a secret since it happened at the end of last year.

As a parent, most of us want to do everything we can to protect our children. When it comes to vaccinations, some of us have more information than others. I encourage you all to reach out if you have questions, get access to the resources available to help you come to a decision you can live with. Whatever you do, don't blindly follow the orders of an entity responsible for mass murdering millions of humans every single year in a plethora of ways. And, if it comes down to it - fight for the rights you believe you have... otherwise you don't have any.

Here is a link to an ebook Skye Silverwind and I put together recently. It is full of direct links and a spelled out version of the information that is being censored and scrubbed from the internet.


Join me tonight around 7pm ET for a live FB discussion on this topic.




I hope you enjoy.

Nicki Lynne

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Nicki is a Mother, Blogger, Author, Activist, and Survivor.
Her passions are Freedom & Food. When she isn't overloaded with daily life she loves to travel and meet like minded people.
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