Real American Heroes

November 24, 2018


How long would the illegitimate authority of the state exist if it weren't for the cops, judges, politicians, and military cogs?



Real American Heroes

What is a modern day real 'American' hero?

Contrary to the brainwashed masses...


The “American Hero” is not the mindless grunt that gets armed to a T and sent overseas to annihilate unarmed civilians for no reason other than they were ordered to.


The "American Hero" is not carrying out the armed patrol on the Afghanistan poppy production ensuring Big Pharma gets the opium it needs to drug up the country.


The "American Hero" is not patrolling the southern border using force on any peaceful human crossing an imaginary line attempting to provide their children with a better life (but that is a completely separate post in its entirety).


The “American Hero” is not blindly following the orders from corrupt politicians, throwing people in cages for carrying a dried up plant around.


This my friends is the American tragedy.  The real 'American Hero' stands up to corrupt and tyrannical politicians in order to deliver you actual unadulterated freedom in some form. 

Sorry but all of this Cody Wilson business really has my freedom in a ruffle.

I can’t help but recognize the United States's repeated attempts to snuff out actual unadulterated freedom with violence time and again. 

Cody Wilson and Ross Ulbricht are two men who have risked their lives (and quality of life) to get the populace the tools and information they need to empower and free themselves from the illusion of the corrupt and overbearing "authority" of the state. These men are truly “American” heroes. They are the ones risking their lives to ACTUALLY change the corrupted paradigm.


As can be expected, offering a liberating alternative to something the state uses violence to profit from and enforce turns you into an immediate bulls-eye. Essentially you are removing the state's ability to control and profit (which is where the freedom comes in - actual freedom). 





Ross Ulbricht delivered freedom in the form of an actual free market. The market he created, called The Silkroad, wasn’t regulated by the state or government in any way. In typical government fashion, the government cogs proceeded to lie, entrap, and steal from Ross in order to not only secure a conviction against him (sentencing him to a double life sentence plus 40 years with no possibility of parole), but also to steal large amounts of cryptocurrency from Ross before locking him up and throwing away the key.


Don’t underestimate the government’s consistent ability to “set up” the individuals they are after.

The Silkroad Murder For Hire Plot was orchestrated by a DEA Agent (go figure) and then Ross was handed over to a corrupt Federal Judge to finish him off.

Ross Ulbricht was ultimately at the mercy of this corrupt Federal Judge. 


A Federal Judge who, by the way, refused to allow the defense attorneys to present evidence that would exonerate and free Ross. Even worse yet, the judge allowed the prosecution to hide critical evidence from the jury showing that a DEA agent who was involved in the investigation framed Ross in the murder-for-hire-plot in order to steal a substantial amount of bitcoin from Silkroad. These exposures of corruption would have certainly cast doubt on the integrity of the entire investigation, the government’s case, and THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT period (for those of you who still have any faith).

A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officer, Carl Mark Force IV, ended up being charged with wire fraud, theft of government property, and money laundering. He allegedly sold information about the government investigation and stole over half a million dollars worth of bitcoins for himself during the federal investigation into Silkroad.

Shaun Bridges, a Secret Service agent who allegedly stole $800,000 in bitcoins from Silk Road, was also arrested.

“The fact that Ross’ attorneys were not permitted to use this important information at trial was devastating to Ross’ defense,”

(Mother) Lyn Ulbricht

The way the case was handled was Systematically and collaboratively devastating to Ross's Defense and chances of remaining free from prison.


Ross is a victim of many outrageous injustices. Ross received a double life sentence plus 40 years with no chance of parole for, essentially, utilizing bandwidth. Are these the implications for those who seek a freer society? To be set up, then “busted” by the state, given an unfair trial, and locked away forever? Because that is exactly what has happened in the past, we can make educated guesses from there.

You can sign a petition in support of freeing Ross here.

Which brings us to Cody.
Another brave American hero standing up to what is undeniably the largest terrorist organization in the world.





Cody Wilson is the 30-year-old owner of a Texas company that sells plans to make untraceable 3D-printed guns. The self-described "crypto-anarchist" is at the front lines of a battle for Americans that would secure their “right” to bear arms making guns unregulated and untraceable.


In 2013 Cody gained attention after successfully firing a bullet from the world’s first 3D-printed handgun and posting its design online. The video got almost half a million views, and the design was downloaded nearly 100,000 times before the link was terminated by law enforcement just days later.


Cody's company defense distributions recently reached a settlement with the department of justice allowing him to continue to distribute the 3-d gun blueprints as long as he charged for them. So... Cody did what any self-respecting anarchist would do, he started selling the designs for any price the customer wanted to pay.


I would say this really put a damper on the government's ability to profit off of the what could be VERY lucrative business Cody has established.

Remember folks morals/ethics are not taken into account here because the government has never concerned themselves with morals; otherwise, they would cease to exist in their current form (ruler-ship by force). In reality, the only thing the government cares about is sucking the last red cent of profit out of this country from the "bottom up never to be seen again".


Since Defense Distribution reached a settlement, nineteen states and the District of Columbia have sued the Trump administration to dissolve the settlement it reached with the company (said settlement allowed Cody to disseminate his designs for making a 3D-printable gun). It isn’t surprising Cody had a target on his head.


So when I heard he was wanted for underage sex with a minor I wasn’t awfully surprised, but I did know this wouldn’t be a "cut and dry" situation. The man had placed a target on his back as soon as he tried to undermine government control over firearms. Is anyone really surprised the tyrannical and unethical government targeted him?


He was recently freed on bond from the Texas jail after being arrested in Taiwan where, police claim, he flew after learning he was being investigated for allegedly having sex with an underage girl. Cody was booked into Harris County Jail in Houston where he was held on a $150,000 bond. 
The details of the underage sex allegations involve a sexual encounter where Cody used a pay for service to meet “dates” online called SugarDaddyMeet. The Faq for this site state that members of the site must be 18 in order to become a member.




The court documents indicate that the girl alleging the interaction took place is 16, and the Texas age of consent happens to be 17. The court documents also indicate the girl was paid $500.00 in cash and spent roughly 40 minutes in the room with him alone.





Even if this didn’t already smell like the typical documented “set-up” I fail to see how in this situation Cody is the person the state would be after. From what we know so far this is a site allowing underage girls to pose as adults and entrap men who are targeted by the federal government. And, why doesn’t the female involved in all of this bear any of the responsibility for lying? She quite literally, potentially, lied about her age to entrap an adult man into relations with her, a minor; and instead of equally evaluating her guiltiness on, the target is solely focused on Cody's back (likely because he undermined the states monopoly on firearm regulation). Now because the state is so biased against Cody, he may now have to pay with his very liberty because of his actions. Why is this?>

“I’ve demonstrated -- and Assange has and the bitcoin people have -- that crypto-anarchy is really what’s winning right now. The classical ideas of, control, confinement, surveillance—they don’t really apply to persistent, live networking.”

- Cody Wilson

^ That is why.

Cody is ordered under threat of violence to show up back in court on December 22nd and I will continue to follow this case closely disclosing any and all information I can find on it.




For anyone who wants to follow Cody's case closely I have linked court documents related to his case below.



The primary issue in these cases, as always, is an evil and tyrannical government. Human beings should never be kidnapped and be locked in cages for engaging in (or facilitating) peaceful, voluntary business amongst willing participants.


Sites like the Silk Road, decentralized currency systems, and 3-D gun printing technology exist because of state prohibitions (not in spite of them) on voluntary human interactions. These are natural market reactions to government interference. This needs to be comprehended to the fullest extent by anyone and everyone who doesn't already recognize this. Government restrictions and regulations literally created the need for these businesses.


The most frightening aspect of cases like Cody's is they potentially pave the way for new and ever-expanding liberty crushing “laws” setting dangerous anti freedom precedents. It is common, even tactical, of the government to use these high powered cases to pass terrifying, overreaching, and unjust "laws" that open the doors to the police state. The federal law declares itself as 'expansive and adaptable' and this should be deeply concerning to every 'American' subjected to this never-ending - purchasable - unjust - tyrannical - overbearing law that we have here in America. 


Where does tyranny stop and freedom begin? Tyranny stops when you acknowledge the system for what it is and do everything in your power to stop powering and funding its continued expansion. Freedom begins when we rally together and show the courts, judges, politicians, and cops who the real power weilders are.... us!

The masses have been brainwashed to blindly believe the enemy is the hero and the hero is the enemy. It is time to end this systematic brainwashing of millions and learn how to interpret the information for ourselves. Think for yourself. Support and spread the message of real freedom. Freedom cannot exist under oppression. It is impossible.


So who are the real heroes?



Wake up World.

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