Synergistic Toxicity

August 20, 2018



Synergistic toxicity is when two known toxins combined work harmoniously to create an even stronger, deadly toxin team that is 100 to 10,000 times more powerful than a single neurotoxin alone.


The toxicity of mercury alone, and the toxicity of aluminum alone - both of which are concerning enough- are far below the results from exposure to both.


You may be surprised to discover that these are the two heavy metals humans are almost continuously exposed to. Whether is it in the water, dental products including some types of fillings, food preservatives, vaccinations, and environmental exposures it seems modern day life is laced with exposure to these neurotoxins. 
The same is true for the synergistic effect of other toxic metals like arsenic and lead as well as toxic chemicals like PCBs and glyphosate.


Seeing as how the neurotoxicity of these heavy metals alone is concerning imagine what they could do to a developing fetus or an infant having them injected directly into their bloodstream.


Both mercury and aluminum alone are capable of promoting an inflammatory response that is damaging to brain cell structure and function. Co-exposure to both would result in a significant synergism that is far worse than exposure to either alone.


In lab tests, the dose of Mercury that killed 1% of lab rats when combined with a dose of aluminum that killed 1% of lab rats, killed 100% of lab rats. Meaning the two toxins worked synergistically together to create a potent and powerful, deadly, toxin.


What this means is most people in the U.S. are getting dangerous levels of this combined synergistic neurotoxins which will likely have neurological effects.


Mercury Thimerosal and aluminum are found in many shot combinations injected into pregnant moms (Rhogam - given to RH negative women prenatally is high in mercury) as well as in the shot combinations infants receive shortly after birth.


I believe the effects of this are all around us. 50-60% of the population suffering from chronic illness. 1 out of every 50 children falls somewhere on the autism spectrum. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, among other ‘heavy metal in the brain’ related illnesses, are prevalent. For two years in a row, the life expectancy for an “American” has decreased. This is in spite of “modern medicine”, and the only entities profiting from this is BIG INSURANCE and BIG PHARMA.


Detoxify Heavy Metals From Your Body

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Nicki is a Mother, Blogger, Author, Activist, and Survivor.
Her passions are Freedom & Food. When she isn't overloaded with daily life she loves to travel and meet like minded people.
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