The Science Of Manifestation Through Neuroplasticity

August 6, 2018


Using the science of neuroplasticity to manifest the life you want.


First of all what Is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is a blanket term referring to the ability of your brain to reorganize itself, both physically and functionally, throughout your life due to your environment, behavior, thinking, and emotions. 


Advances in neuroscience tell us that neurons can shift their shape, make new synapses and build new neural pathways in the brain to allow for life-long adaptation. This is, in fact, a life-long process that occurs continually as you learn new behaviors, memorize new data, and as your brain develops. It is a way for your brain to fine-tune itself for efficiency by adjusting existing nerve pathways in the brain. Brain reorganization and reconstruction take place through mechanisms such as "axonal sprouting" which is where undamaged nerve networks develop new nerve endings to reconnect neurons whose links were previously damaged. 


This is your brain “rewiring” itself.  This rewiring of the brain helps define new nerve pathways to accomplish lost functions. At any age? Why yes, new neurons can still be generated, and your neurochemical balance can be altered at any age.

The brain can even remodel, rewire, and adapt to trauma or a disease process. 
Over the last 40 years, the predominant view on neuroplasticity has shifted a great deal. The concept of a changing brain has only recently substituted the previously held belief that the adult brain was simply a physiologically static organ or hard-wired after significant developmental periods during childhood. While it is true that your brain is much more malleable during the early years and its potential declines with age, plasticity actually happens all throughout your life.

The implications of Neuroplasticity on your life

Neuroplasticity is the method by which all permanent learning takes place in your brain, such as playing a musical instrument or mastering a different language. Neuroplasticity also enables people to recover from a stroke, injury, and birth abnormalities, overcome autism, ADD and ADHD, learning disabilities and other brain deficits, pull you out of depression and addictions, and reverse obsessive-compulsive patterns. 
Neuroplasticity has endless implications and possibilities for almost every aspect of human life. Its limits are not even known!! Not by a long shot.  However, the same characteristic, that makes your brain amazingly resilient, also make it vulnerable external and internal, habitual unconscious, influences. 

As I shuffle through the endless articles, as they relate to neuroplasticity, I can't help but see the way it can be utilized to manifest the life you desire via the Law of Attraction. To me, it has become abundantly clear that by understanding the mechanisms that govern neuroplasticity you gain a deep understanding of how to rewire your brain to create the life, love, and even health that you desire literally without having to lift so much as a finger. You see much like a dream your brain has a hard time differentiating between the reality you make up in your head and actual reality. Eventually the reality you force yourself to believe, manifests itself in your actual reality.




Neuroplasticity and The Law of Attraction.
So, can you teach your brain how to be a more effective manifester?
Absolutely, through neuroplasticity, which as we learned is the brain’s ability to be flexible, and to create new neural pathways.
Through an understanding of the brain’s neuroplasticity, you can learn how to best utilize your brain to manifest anything you want.

Essentially as you practice a skill, the neurons associated with that skill will gradually create a pathway. The more you practice that skill, the faster and more accurate you become at it because that neural pathway is coated with a neural substance called myelin. Myelin serves to speed the conduction of nerve impulses in nerve fibers. Why would manifesting be different from any other learned skill?


After all, the law of attraction seems solely concerned with thoughts. And, it is shown that thoughts have just as much an effect on the brain’s neuroplasticity as actions. For example, a pessimistic person can train their brain to be optimistic, just by practicing that skill.

The process of creating new neural pathways does have a lot in common with the process of manifesting your desires.

It should be noted that if you practice a skill incorrectly, the brain has no way of knowing. It will create a neural pathway of an incorrect performance of a something, just as happily as a correct performance. 

The same is true for the law of attraction. You can just as easily manifest something unwanted, due to the attention you give to unwanted thoughts and emotions, as you can manifest something wanted. It’s the same process either way, but it’s completely up to you what you manifest.

With neuroplasticity, an unused neural pathway will eventually shrink and become less efficient. What is the obvious way to undo an unwanted manifestation? Stop practicing the thoughts that created that neural pathway.


Your Built In Manifestation Machine.

The brain is the ideal manifestation machine. Afterall everything that ever was created in this world was a thought first, right? With an understanding of how to use your brain, you can manifest anything you want.

Your brain doesn’t care what you practice. Whatever you give it, if repeated enough, it will become better and more efficient at it. It comes down to creating a thought pathway to your manifestation. A pathway that becomes second nature to access.


What Are You Currently Manifesting?

This is the current state of your thought pathway.
If your abundance pathway is leading to poverty, then you know that you’re making some errors in your practicing of abundance.
If your relationship pathway is leading to isolation or attracting the wrong types of partner, then you can be sure that somewhere along the way you’re making some errors in your practicing of love and romance.

 The key here is to find and correct any errors, then practice the correct version instead.

So, for now, run through your manifestational thought pathway. If your goal is greater abundance, then run through the abundance pathway by thinking of your goal in greater and greater detail. Is there resistance, indicated by bad feelings, that pops up when you access this desire? These resistant thoughts and feelings are your errors or the bugs in your program. You can’t fix your pathway unless you know what exactly is going wrong.



Resistance Is A Clue.


When you come across resistant thoughts don't ignore them. Instead, acknowledge and release them, then bring your focus back to the positive thoughts and emotions you desire to manifest.

Every time you release a piece of resistance, you can enter more deeply into the feeling of your manifestation, and it will be easier and easier to do so. Creating easier access to manifesting in the future.

Add details to your goal. What will it look like when you have it? What will you be doing? Find details that are easy to feel great about.

It’s best to find some detail that best defines your goal.
Just choose a detail or two that defines your goal. Then, visualize that, or write about it, if visualization isn’t your thing.


Fake It Till You Make It.

This is where “acting as if” enters into the equation. Imagine what your life would be like if you had this manifestation. A form of faking it till we make it.

Resistance will certainly arise somewhere along the way. Just simply acknowledge it. Then let it go, without fighting it.
As you access more and more specific details about your goal, your subconscious mind will start showing you things you’re holding on to that aren’t allowing this manifestation. For instance, if you’re trying to manifest abundance, but holding on to some belief about money being bad, then your brain is going to let you know. Just acknowledge that old belief, and let it go. It no longer belongs to you and likely has never served you to begin with.


What you are aiming for here is a profound feeling of having it. It should get to the point where you don’t even care if you receive it because you have already given it to yourself within your own mind.

Thoughts literally become things.

Your brain is a thought machine. It is literally shaped by what you think about most. Think negatively, and your brain makes it easier to think negatively, and therefore manifest negative experiences. Think positively, and your brain makes it easier to think positively, and therefore manifest positive experiences.


You have a manifestation machine right inside your own head. You can literally be, do, or have anything you want, if you would only think your way there, first. Your mind is THAT powerful.

You are born a blank slate when you enter into this world. Over the next several years, programs get installed in your subconscious mind from your parents, family, friends, even teachers. Those programs will run, largely outside of your awareness, for the rest of your life, or until you change that programming, either during deliberate subconscious work or sometimes unintentionally through powerful life experiences.

So now you have the way to create a thought pathway to your manifestation, using the concept of neuroplasticity. We are powerful beings. It is about time you recognized that!



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