June 23, 2018



This article will be a multi-part series on how the medical industry is killing off large numbers of our population.


This part will analyze the public data of deaths resulting directly from FDA approved drugs while scrutinizing the avenues they use to avoid responsibility.

How many humans in the U.S die as a direct result of patient care? The numbers may astound you. This coupled with the repeated efforts by lobbyists to restrict our access to natural supplements starts to paint a pretty dark and evil agenda.


With so much uncertainty today over our health and members of Congress standing up declaring “FDA approval is necessary” when in actuality it is the stuff that has already passed their approval that is killing so many people.


Let’s look at the scope of the problem, shall we? Statistically, in numbers.




July 26th, 2000 in The Journal of The American Medical Association (one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world) has an insider named Dr. Barbara Starfield. Starfield is an insider in the medical community and from their own standards, her credentials are excellent. She is working at the John Hopkins school of public health which is another "We salute thee" position. Everybody's credentials are impeccable all the way up and down the line. The Journal, the school, the Dr. and she publishes a report review on July 26th, 2000 called ‘Is U.S. Health Really the Best in the World?


In this paper, this esteemed public Health Dr. says that every year in the united states the American medical system is killing 225k people per year. Carry that out through ten years and that's 2.25 million people a decade. 



The very profession we say is dedicated to saving lives, is suddenly the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. 

This is what Starfield says in her peer-reviewed, expert-reviewed study. 

Now, you can argue that this was 18 years ago but rest assured that this is a conservative number. She has reportedly admitted as much in an interview with Jon Rappoport. Not only has no one come along to challenge her findings, in fact, others have come along to produce even higher numbers than her findings reported some 18 years ago. 


Some figures go as high as 700,000 human deaths per year, however, these outsiders (outside the mainstream) do not have the established expertise of Dr. Starfield. For this article, we will be sticking with the people and numbers who are connected to the mainstream because this just shows what they are openly confessing to.


 Some of this is procedural, but a lot of it has to do with the drugs that are prescribed. Let’s start to look at the breakdown of some of her findings.


106,000 deaths a year caused by FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs. That is more than a million people a decade killed by drugs that the FDA has approved as ‘safe and effective’.


You don’t get a medical drug on the market in the United States in any way shape or form UNLESS the FDA has ‘approved’ it as both safe and effective. They are the gatekeeper. They are the agency tasked with this. So if we are talking about as Starfield says 106,000 deaths a year caused every year like clockwork by FDA approved drugs, over a million people a decade then what is going on at the FDA?


And why isn't any other branch of government interceding if they are not in fact in collusion with the FDA’s efforts at what statistically resemble a form of population control.


So let's go to the FDA’s own sight, right now... Why learn about adverse reactions to drugs? 

In this incredible display of what can only be called schizophrenia, real schizophrenia, the FDA takes no responsibility for those deaths.


When confronted the FDA has been reported as saying “the patient is trying to medicalize himself, the patient is doing things with the drugs that were not meant to be done”.


A second strategy the FDA has been known to use is to blame the Dr. for miss combining drugs that shouldn't be combined that they claim they couldn’t have predicted. 


This is all nonsense. The studies that were done are talking about correctly prescribed and correctly used medications, as far as anyone can tell.








Of course, this is going to happen, there is an extremely flawed approval process at the FDA.


The Dr’s who sit on FDA panels, who approve the drugs, have conflicts of interest with the very drug companies that are making the drug. They are receiving money for exoneration, junkets and all sorts of things.


The problem goes deeper and this is where people like to check out, they don’t like to hear about this. They know at the FDA that this is what's happening every year. They know, and they are not doing anything about it.


This is an ongoing crime, with no oversight and you have to say to yourself… If you had a job and you knew what you were doing was causing 100,000 people to die a year every year, would you do anything to try to change it or not?



The bottom line is there are billions of dollars at stake over the patents on these drugs.
...And there are people dying.




Here is another thing that is no small point. There are thousands of studies done on these drugs in revered medical journal’s declaring the drugs are in fact safe, which should be found as fraudulent.


There have been cases where clinical trials have been altered to achieve specific results and if it doesn’t get approved they have been known to repurpose the drug for another use in an attempt to get the approval and begin making a profit as soon as possible.

Marcia Angell was the editor of the New England Journal of medicine for 20 years, the most prestigious journal in the world,  and she is directly quoted as saying , "reluctantly I have come to the conclusion that it is  no longer possible to believe much of clinical research published.”


Do you begin to ask yourself if the 'safe and effective' approvals are not founded on these clinical trials, then what in the world ARE they founded on? 


They are in fact founded on, 'What can we get away with' just like every other aspect of the government.


To remain in profit, in power, and poisoning masses in an elaborate scheme of twisted fuckery involving the pharmaceutical industry, and the U.S. government at the expense of our pocket and our lives.

The fact that many studies are conducted on these drugs doesn't mean much anyhow.  In fact to the Big Pharma/FDA co conspirator relationship says "The more studies the better!" 


It becomes a way for the pharmaceutical companies to bury the findings that don't compliment their drug and highlight the finding that does. Time and time again companies get caught.

They would rather pay the fine. Follow the money, hear what it is telling you.





In one case GlaxoSmithKline was fined 3 billion dollars over finagling that had to do with Paxil and Wellbutrin and a third drug during a specific time period.


It was the largest settlement in history. When you add up the profit from those 3 drugs during that same time period we are talking about 27 billion, and they are paying a 3 billion dollar fine.


Then you have people saying this is some sort of magnificent achievement for law enforcement when nobody gets prosecuted at GSK, nobody goes to jail, nothing happens. They simply pay 3 billion out of a pot of 27 billion. What they surely consider the cost of doing business.


There is clearly a sociopathic belief related to the fact that people can just turn their back on 100,000 deaths per year.

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