Donald Trump as The Heyoka

June 17, 2018

Presenting Donald Trump as, The Heyoka


The Native American people Lakota people and some of the Cheyenne people over in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming have a word “Heyoka”. A Heyoka is sort of a contrarian warrior. It is a figure ordained not from themselves, it's not a job that you take or a position that you apply for, it’s something that happens to you. You are usually ignorant of it. 


The Heyoka shows essentially that we have made some giant mistakes in thinking about society at large.  They reveal that through this grotesque, ugly, satirization of everything that we hold dear. 


The importance of the President's Office, the goal and great statesmen like the behavior of the Secretary of State, of Defense, of the schools and the libraries, the institutions that are so precious. Then, here along comes this clown. A disruptor who says, "This is all garbage and we aren’t going to do this anymore". He shakes hands in the wrong way, he speaks in the wrong way, he is uncouth in many ways. He is totally unsuited, totally wrong - back to front contrarian.


His cabinet choices are like joke punchlines. An education secretary who discredits public education and badly blotched her own attempt at constructing an alternative, men in charge of responding to climate change who deny its existence, and a National Security Advisor that supplies paranoid fantasies. The Cheyennes call it the Booga strangely enough.


You see it in many places but it became very clear as the November elections played out and the victor comes forward in red, with the hair… this is a Heyoka, we have got a Heyoka! 



The top position in the world is a contrarian warrior. Unappointed, ignorant of his own channel and purpose. What he thinks he is doing is just something else. What he is actually doing is he is pulling apart the tragic, disgusting, misconceptions we have had about politics one by one.


Already the media has fallen to pieces because of this man. Before this the major newspapers, television, all the main organizations we thought they may be okay … they may have a little bias this way or that way… No, they are not ok. They are very very wrong.  Any impartial observer who looks at that now would say, "I can’t quite believe that these institutions are that rotten. Not just that they have become that way, but I think that they were always that way." 


The sovereign man or woman is like, I already knew this. But the gentlemen and gentlewomen they are like… “I can’t believe it what does that leave us with? No mainstream institutions I can't believe it!”


So they fire this dark force at the Heyoka, and the Heyokas job is to receive that hatred, to receive that fear, to receive the disgust at their own misconceptions and he receives it and transmutes it because he is totally unaware.


I have never seen anyone do a more supreme job than the President the United States has right now. His performance of the Heyoka could not be better. Any other person who got in that roll Conservative, Democrat, Independent, Green, any other person would have been a total unchanged continuation of The Empire.


The only chance is to put a Heyoka in. So we are playing a completely different game now where more of you realize for the first time The Environmental Protection Agency is not there to protect the environment, Schools do not educate children - they do the opposite of that, Hospitals do not exist to heal people and make people better - it has nothing to do with that, the affordable healthcare system is not there to give us all health, the FBI, the CIA they are not doing what we thought they were- It’s something else.


 So while you may be stewing over everything this president and presidency entails keep in mind that the Heyoka serves the collective order by challenging those whose ignorance and blindness threaten it.

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Nicki is a Mother, Blogger, Author, Activist, and Survivor.
Her passions are Freedom & Food. When she isn't overloaded with daily life she loves to travel and meet like minded people.
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