Self Authority In A Polarized Society

June 16, 2018


Our Polarized Society


Polarization: The is process by which the public opinion divides and goes to the extremes


Types of polarization


  • Political polarization refers to the cases in which an individual's stance on a given issue, policy, or person is more likely to be strictly defined by their identification with a particular political party (e.g., Democrat or Republican) or ideology (e.g., liberal or conservative).

  • Polarization (psychology), the process whereby a social or political group is divided into opposing sub-groups.

  • Social polarization is associated with the segregation within a society. One example of this is the ever shrinking middle class, leaving a polarized wealthy and poor.

  • Attitude polarization is a phenomenon in which a disagreement becomes more extreme as the different parties consider evidence on the issue. An effect of confirmation bias. When people encounter ambiguous evidence, this bias can potentially result in each of them interpreting it as in support of their existing attitudes, widening rather than narrowing the disagreement between them

  • Group polarization refers to the tendency for a group to make decisions that are more extreme than the initial inclination of its members. Meaning that studies have shown when a group of feminists get together to discuss their views they come out with stronger more polarized beliefs on feminism than they had as an individual prior to being involved in the group.




The effects of polarization on a society


The phenomenon of having strong, personal, and emotionally charged negative feelings about those in the other political camp, is what scholars call affective polarization. Affective polarization has risen sharply in the United States in recent decades.


For example, one study reports that the proportion of Americans who think members of the other party are “selfish” has more than doubled, from 21 percent in 1960 to 47 percent in 2008.

Compared to 1960, Americans today are also far less likely to describe those in the other political party as “intelligent” and far more likely to say they would be displeased or unhappy if they had a child who married a member of the other party.

A Pew survey in 2014 found that 27 percent of Democrats and 36 percent of Republicans currently view the other party as “a threat to the nation’s well-being.” And this folks is the aftermath of an effective polarization effort by what I will refer to as The Empire.

There are rising rates of “ideological migration” which is when Americans relocate to areas where most other people share their (political) views. This is contributing to both ideological segregation and polarization in U.S. society

Research suggests that people in homogenous communities grow both more extreme and more certain in their (political) beliefs.


With no middle ground, we are always on opposing sides.


Polarizations are nothing more than  control mechanisms for the unweary.


First, don’t imagine that polarization refers mainly to politicians. Polarization is less a “them” problem and more of  an “us” problem. Their main objective in polarizing society is to keep each other at odds, good/bad, right/wrong, just/unjust, keeping the masses forever at odds with each other and unable to either:      

A. Come to common ground or

                            B. Pay attention to the fact that we aren’t in control of our own thoughts they are actually being dictated by The Empire.


The divisiveness and anxiety connected with the Trump Presidency is very much a product of the hyperpolarization of “The People”.


The anger and divisiveness didn't start with Trump and Clinton—and it won't end anytime soon. In fact it won’t end at all until we as individuals decide to trancend polarization and take back our authority over our own self, our own thoughts, and our own lives.


They are essentially giving you a false poll, false options. When what you should be doing is examining your thoughts, beliefs, and actions and figuring out if there is wisdom and integrety woven into them.


When you are polarized the empire effectively has this robot (you) that it can say “Here is the menu, choose from the menu”, “Do you like good things? Then you must choose this…”, “Do you like bad things? Then you must be one of those”




Why Self Authority “Trumps” (how punny) Polarization


Having self authority prevents the mechanisms of control from being effectively used on you.


Start with a “Don’t tell me what to think” attitude. Don’t allow your mind to be hacked into thinking you must belong to one group or another.


It’s certainly possible to transcend the attitudes that threaten to divide us.


Its very simple

This force of  The Empire is a containment force to keep people feeling as though you are subjects.

What acknowledging The Empire will hopefully do is provoke us to self authority. It is when we don’t have authority over ourselves total soveriegnty then The Empire comes and says “I'll take your control we will have this lady in the right corner and this man in the left corner and they will run it”


When you allow your personal reality be controlled by a think tank you are more inclined to follow along the path of life dictated by the think tank and less likely to use your own brain and authority over yourself to investigate what are the better and best options for you. For example what you think about schooling, philosophies, traveling, what clothes you wear, how you act toward homeless people, the way you give to charity, even the music you listen to is a deep programming by a think tank that runs your life on a subconcious level because you havent taken control of your own thoughts and your own mind and asserted that authority over yourself.


There is an illusion that politics is the people who care most about society and want to make a diffrence. The President of The United States is the most powerful role in the world, The Chancelors and the Kings and Queens, these are the people who care most about society and who are really working difficult circumstances, trying to make life better, trying to do the best for people _ voted from grassroots level. Sometimes they get it right sometimes they don’t…. All of that is absolute hogwash. It’s a disgrace to human kind.


For the fist time people are seeing with their own eyes and understanding, The environmental Protection Agency is not there to protect the environment, Schools do not educate children - they do the opposite of that, Hospitals do not exist to heal people and make people better - it has nothing to do with that it is a place to manage sickness for business, the affordable healthcare system is not there to give us all health - its something else, The FBI, the CIA they are not doing what we thought they were- It’s something else. IT’S TOTALLY SOMETHING ELSE!!!


Govern Yourself.




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