Vaccine Intrigue

April 27, 2018


William Thompson has admitted that while working for the CDC he has omitted data that would link autism with vaccines.

A real story of a real fraud.

Deliberate high-level deception of the American people with devastating consequences for its children's health.

You won't see this in mainstream media which is criminal in and of itself.

On August 27th, 2014 whistleblower, William Thompson, a scientist at the CDC makes a written statement through his attorney Rick Morgan of Cincinnati. His statement says that while he was a scientist at the CDC especially in 2004 when he was a co-author of a major study he and his co-authors committed fraud. This is a consummate Insider admitting to omitting vital data that would have shown a link between the MMR vaccine and autism - especially in a group of young African-American male babies 36 months and under. Thompson admitted that that information was hidden stating “We broke the protocol of the study”.


Their hidden data showed there was a 350% higher risk of autism among African-American boys. This data is not exclusive to Young African-American males however as witnessed by the fact that we have tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of autistic children now of all genetic backgrounds.

What people have to recognize is in a confession of this sort you would expect major media coverage, an immediate Congressional investigation into the CDC, an investigation into the other authors on that study, (two of whom now or major executives at the CDC) and yet none of this is happening. Instead of sparse major media coverage downplaying the whole thing.

Essentially what you have is a media blackout. This shows a degree of control over the media that is being exerted to keep the story from popping out.


These are the babies we are pumping with up to 90 constituents by the time they are three years old.

The co-authors now implicated are Frank DeStefano director, immunization safety officer of the CDC. He is now in charge of vaccine safety. Colleen Boyle also has a high-ranking position in immunization and vaccines.

There is an inherent conflict that goes along with this, you see, the CDC is basically carrying out the PR function for the pharmaceutical industry on drugs and vaccines but at the same time doing studies on themselves.

Thompson hasn't been fired he said he won't talk with reporters and he will work with Congress to investigate this Thompson is working with Congressman Bill Posey where Thompson has sent him a lot of data and we don't know the nature of all of that dated yet.

No doubt Thompson is risking his life to be a whistleblower of this magnitude.

When did autism start showing up around? 1995, but going back to the 40s doctors were talking about symptoms which are now referred to as autism.

You can see that as the schedule for vaccines have expanded (this is the CDC doing this, it's their schedule).

They start on the day of birth or on the day after and they just keep going now by the time a child is five or six he has had 49 -55 shots for a variety of various conditions.

Prior to 1995, there were around 12. There was a tremendous escalation, as there were reported numbers of autism incidence. To the point now the CDC is talking about one in 68 children maybe even one in 56 children in America being autistic.

The CDC implies improve diagnosis has shown us what was there was there all along and that is not the case at all.

Along with an increase in the number of vaccinations, there's been a parallel increase in vaccine ingredients which are known to be toxic.

This is the thing that people who are vaccine advocates aren't facing up to the simple obvious facts that you're injecting toxic substances directly into the body of young children. Bypassing ordinary portals of their immune system... injections of various kinds of germs, injections of mercury in the flu vaccine, injections of formaldehyde, injections of aluminum which has replaced Mercury, injections of polysorbate 80.

You'll be horrified imagining injecting these toxic chemicals into a small baby on a continuous basis and the baby doesn't even have a fully developed immune system yet.

Somehow, someway the vaccines are supposed to improve the capacity of someone's immune system to ward off disease. Yet, they're being injected in babies who don't even have an immune system so even if the vaccine works the way they are supposed to, how could they work on someone who doesn't even have a fully-working immune system? 

What we are looking at here are the direct toxic effects of what poisoning the population looks like starting with babies.

The CDC is under the US Public Health Service, which is under the US Department of Health and Human Services.

How the private sector factors in

If you are the parent of a child injured by vaccines you can't sue the company. The corporate sector is completely protected. How much partnership is there between the corporate sector and the government for this to be going on?

The pharmaceutical companies are profiting highly from the use of vaccines.

Who decides what goes into these concoctions, and who decides how many are to be administered?

Could it be just greed? What if we get into the depopulation agenda? Or the pharmaceutical agenda to get a person from Cradle to the Grave as a customer on their drugs?

This is the greatest vehicle for population control and it seems as if it is backed by science. Until you actually read the science..Which is what this whistleblower here saying the science is purposefully manipulated. Instead of science, you get fakery.

We don't need vaccines we need healthy immune systems. 

It is necessary to have a debilitated population that is distracted introverted concerned with its own problems illness disease catastrophes tragedies Etc what a more fabulous way to control a population when you can't even think about anything else.

So whatever else is happening in the world don't bother me I have an autistic kid I'm responsible for I'm unable to see the company and I missed the 3-year deadline I had to file my complaint because I was going through misdiagnosis’ and now everything is only my responsibility when I thought I was doing something right by following the CDC scheduled, to begin with.

When you want to control people you want tired, fatigued, drugged people enrolled in a cradle-to-grave scheme. Look at the roster for the Bilderberg meetings they are filled with big Pharma reps.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield published a text Exchange between Wakefield and the whistleblower Thompson. The text included an apology for not coming forward with the fraud sooner because then perhaps dr. Wakefield would not have had so many negative impacts on his life when he chose to expose a similar fraud in London.

Thompson is only speaking through his attorney and not to reporters the person who does this does so so that only certain information gets put out and so they don't get cornered or embarrassed by questions any decent reporter would ask.  

The next questions are who else knew how high does this corruption go how many other studies were made fraudulent because we know that Frank de Stefano and Colleen boil who are co-authors of Thompson on the 2004 study to which Thompson has now admitted to Co conspiratorial fraud are now high-ranking officials under the CDC vaccine safety Commission.

Mike Adams of Natural News published a letter written by Thompson to then Judy Gerberding, the head of the CDC, a letter Thompson wrote in 2004 right about the time the study was released (which was admitted 10 years later was a fraud and which he warns her of a coming meeting on vaccines and autism) on which he (Thompson) their scientist - is going to be presenting sensitive data which is problematic; related to an association between the MMR vaccine and autism.


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