The War On Home Education

March 11, 2018







There is a war on homeschooling, but it isn’t like your average war. The war on drugs, the war on terror...where whatever “they” wage a war on seems to do nothing but prospered. No, this wasn’t like that. This is closer to an actual war on any parents liberties and their right (not capable of being involuntarily granted by the government) to educate their children in a manner that they see fit. This is an out and out war.


California is seeking to treat homeschool families as presumptive child abusers. Lawmakers in that state have indicated plans to categorically require homeschool parents to prove — through home visits, interviews, and other government oversight — that indeed the parent is not abusive if they choose to exercise a supposedly "legally protected" and valid option for school choice. This measure would shift the burden to the parent to prove to the government’s satisfaction his or her parental fitness.

This is absurd.


As usual, the government is using a single case as one extreme example to reinforce their platform, legislators are now looking to increase government regulations of homeschooling in California, which may lay the groundwork for increased regulation nationwide. State legislators have already warned they will introduce legislation to cure the supposed “problem” of laxity in private school choice options, which includes homeschooling.






Have you seen our public schools? Our public schools are dysfunctional, depressing, frequently dangerous places. Their architecture is generally penal, incorporating precisely the same sort of perimeter control as one sees in a low-security prison, with dogs, metal detectors, and the whole apparatus of control at hand.


The government schools are in fact a destructive institution in American public life, our children are instructed in obedience and compliance, as if the most valuable skill in life were the ability to sit silently and follow directions; those children who are more energetic than the authorities care for are given psychiatric diagnoses and very often put on psychiatric drugs.

Since the 1980s, the rate of antidepressant prescription for children has increased six-fold, while the rate of antipsychotic prescription has increased even more than that. Guess what has also increased… “Mass School Shootings”, or school shootings period. It used to be only the cops shot up schools (Kent State). Now it’s mostly young Big Pharma customers, likely roped into taking these prescriptions by word of the school system itself.

The children are the government schools’ product rather than their customers.


Locking children up for the largest part of the day, in a dreary room with 20 to 30 other children all born within nine or ten months of each other, is not a model that makes sense to me.

The implicit rationale for any regulation of home-educating is that your children are yours only at the sufferance of the state. It is unambiguously totalitarian and reduces OUR children to the status of chattel.





My advice, take back control over your own life and the lives of your children. There is no entity on this earth that has the authority to rule over your life and make the major decisions for it, unless you give them permission to. Stop being terrorized by the only real terrorist this world has to worry about, the U.S. government.


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Nicki is a Mother, Blogger, Author, Activist, and Survivor.
Her passions are Freedom & Food. When she isn't overloaded with daily life she loves to travel and meet like minded people.
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