The Education System is rigged.... 

You know that to control people, you have to get them to stop thinking for themselves.

You teach the children in groups based on things they have no control over such as age. You teach only at the level of the least intelligent. The goal is to "dumb down" the children and get them to regurgitate information in an instance but develop no true understanding of the foundation for why they should or do think or believe things.

Where do you start if you want total control of the minds, bodies and souls of a country?  You start with the children. How do you perform this systematic brainwashing of the children? 


You start by getting full control of the schools.  You have to be able to force the use of your materials, your methods and your value system.  


Teachers must be indoctrinated in college and enrolled into a socialist organization to keep them straight. The teachers become convinced that top educators and the centralized government know what's best for your children. You need to punish those teachers who rebel, by controlling their funding and then by passing laws which force them to use your "system".


Make sure that the parents are happy with what you are doing.   Announce a revolutionary new approaches to teaching. Tell the parents that you are going to make dramatic improvements. You use positive, flowery words to put the proper "spin" on what you are doing. You claim this approach will help the children. The children will be taught social skills such as conflict resolution, self esteem, etc..

Thanks to indoctrination, people can be quite pleased with themselves for doing things that are bound to make them miserable in the long run. 

What is taught is random, useless, meaningless, and more often than not - lies!

In class, too much time is wasted on useless topics. The quality of education has been sacrificed for quantity, and as a result, academic inflation and the devaluation of information has turned intellectual ambition into apathy and bright minds into gray mush.


Topics are taught piecemeal, and never do teachers spend time to help students integrate the pieces into a coherent picture that can be used or built upon. And even if within a class the ideas are put together, between classes the grand education still remains compartmentalized.


Geometry and physics can be mastered by the average student, but the connection and communication between the two often are not. When physics is taught in a junior high or high school physics class, it involves only the most elementary of geometry concepts, and vice versa. Without synthesis of the two, each remains without purpose or effectiveness.

Such synthesis between topics is neglected in the school curriculum, and consequently one’s experience in the public education system becomes a vague memory of random, meaningless, and useless facts.


Most school subjects themselves aren’t even real knowledge. History books are full of purposely engineered inaccuracies and distortions for the sake of corporate gain.


It amazes me how the general public functions on the sixth grade level when we all supposedly graduated high school. Much of history, algebra, geometry, biology, physics, etc. are forgotten. 

Much of school is wasted time 

The purpose of education should be  to make one an independent, competent thinker, one who can make a difference in the world for the better, and one who has the best chance for survival and success in the world.


If we stripped out the extraneous activities, school would only be 4 hours a day and maybe 120 days a year. Kids would get more sleep, have more free time to think and live and grow. Ah, but that would be a terrible inconvenience to parents stuck in the 8 hour work day, and the education industry getting paid by the hour and day wouldn’t make as much.

So much in school concerns extracurricular activities that time which could be spent on real world activities is instead being wasted. The effect is an amassing of students dependent upon the system and isolated from the real world. Social, financial, and academic dysfunction result. Quantity over quality has prevailed, because there is no profit for the supplier in quality. When consumers of education have themselves been dumbed down to primal levels, discernment and appreciation of quality disappear.


Despite these problems, almost everyone is happy.

Parents are happy.  Moms get to work, sometimes stay home and dads get to work while their kids are being babysat. They don’t have to worry about teaching morality or ethics to their children because it’s being done for them in school. They don’t have to entertain them or spend genuine time with them because these children are too busy being entertained in school functions. Moms just have to drive their girls to soccer practice, and dads toss the football a few times. Because the public resides at a sixth grade skill level, parents typically can only help their children with homework up to sixth grade, and beyond that they are at a loss. There are exceptions, such as parents who are academics or teachers - or parents who take their child's education into their own hands - but they are too small of a minority.


Teachers are happy, as they have a secure job from 9 to 5. The more school programs there are with federal or state funding, the more money they get. The more schools have the programs, the more funding and perks they receive from federal benefactors.

You spend more time learning how to obey and what to think, instead of and how to think and think for yourself.


The fact of the matter is that much of the time spent in school is a waste. So much time is spent on behavioral conditioning. You will begin to realize that so much of what looks like learning is actually programming. The only thing it consistently produces is a conditioned fear of punishment or disapproval and conformity to the wishes of authority.

The Lottery presents itself as a way to generate more money for education. Lotteries, though, are a highly regressive means of raising public funding; they draw dollars disproportionately from poor neighborhoods -Compounding the problem.

In 2014 only 1.5 percent of American families make more than $200,000 per year. But at Harvard University, 45.6 percent of incoming freshman come from families making $200,000 or more. A mere 4 percent of Harvard students come from a family in the bottom quintile of US incomes.

“We admit students without any regard for financial need – a policy we call ‘need-blind admission’,” -Harvard’s website proudly proclaims. 


Harvard charges $63,025 per year for tuition, room and board, but waives the fees for families making less than $60,000 per year.


This would be an admirable policy if Harvard were admitting low-income students in any significant numbers, they are not! Instead, they fill their ranks with the children of the elite.

Harvard’s admission is “need-blind” only in that it turns a blind eye to actual need.

School is nothing more than an essential support system for a model of social engineering that dooms most people to be subordinate stones in a pyramidal social order.  It prepares a person from the cradle to a job in the adult world.  If you are taught lies as truth you will live the lie thinking it is the truth. Suppression and intimidation are where the education system is rooted.  Such a system cannot support a fair or free society.


The education system divides and classifies people, where the winner gets to "buy more stuff."

America’s education systems, like all public services, are financed mainly through a variety of taxes—local property taxes, state income taxes, sales taxes, and all manner of smaller funds. Taken together, the result is far from progressive. In only a handful of states do low-income school districts get the greater funding they require to address their students’ needs. And when states introduce state lotteries as a way to improve the situation, they end up compounding rather than diminishing the inequities of school funding.

People attending college today face tuition and fees three times higher than people did in the ‘70s and ‘80s, adjusting for inflation. Skyrocketing costs are forcing students to borrow money at historic levels. Nationwide, Americans owe more than $1.4 trillion in student debt – double what they owed in 2009. When you are just beginning to make your way in the world the last thing you need is a lifetime full of debt. However in debt is exactly where the state wants you over something like an actual education. They are strategically and purposefully setting you up for modern day slavery; slave to your debt.

With the rise in tuition rates and student debt showing no sign of slowing, it is safe to say our nation’s higher education system is rigged against the very students it is designed to serve. 

Empowered by the federal government, a powerful cartel of college accreditors stifles competition, driving up tuition costs and limiting the options available to students.

College accreditation is technically supposed to be voluntary. But under the Higher Education Act, only schools accredited by federally approved institutions are eligible for grants and financial aid. With federal student aid and subsidies accounting for an ever-growing share of university budgets, accreditation is all but mandatory for most any school.

As a result, college accreditors have become the de facto gatekeepers of the higher education system. It’s an arrangement riddled with conflicts of interest.

Most colleges and universities are dues-paying members of the same accrediting associations that oversee their accreditation. Even the staff at the accreditation agencies are often employed by the very colleges they monitor.

These conflicts make accreditors obligated to the interests of existing colleges and universities. They are unlikely to deny the accreditation renewal of the association members who fund them. Also, they have no incentive to accredit new institutions that could offer students cheaper, better or more innovative alternatives to the status quo.

But innovating the college experience is next to impossible under our current, bureaucratic accreditation regime. By law, only degree-issuing academic institutions are eligible for accreditation (a type of collusion with the legal system if you ask me.) That places innovative new learning options like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at a distinct disadvantage.


Even accredited schools are severely restricted by bureaucracy. If they want to make changes to their programs, delivery of instruction or other aspects of their operation, they must often seek written approval from their accreditor months in advance. Experimentation is discouraged since unauthorized changes can cause a school to lose its accreditation.

There is a saying which goes: If you want to destroy a country, destroy its education. Education is the foundation to every society, as it teaches the people to be a part of society. Education has been directed in such way to leave people in total ignorance of what is really important.

Education shapes society. The smartest and most advanced societies, it would seem, invest in proper education.


A classroom with an army-like precise order in seating, teaching and testing will produce the same individuals who try to conform to a society which tells them what to do, instructs them on what do and leads their lives for them - while they are unaware of a more truthful and worldly picture of reality.

These classrooms provide no free space for critical thinking, except for controlled forms of critical thinking which is instructed against a certain truth (so that it remains hidden).


Speaking of presenting the truth, this country has decided to shape their educational materials to their preference. You haven’t learned of genocides on the indigenous Americans in school, nor have you learned anything about Nikola Tesla. Doing so would give you a window into a world that doesn't fit the state's bottom line - which is indentured slavery of the masses though forced wealth collection from the poor or working class to the rich elite.

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