Creating Change Through Human Empowerment
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I have a strong desire to help each person live every day with passion, purpose, and freedom as they find enlightenment, empowerment, and nourishment for their mind, body, and soul.


There is power in the truth

If you are interested in that elusive thing called the truth, if you are interested in personal development through the truth, then this is the right place for you. This is a place where humans can access the concepts, and the information necessary to have an accurate version of reality presented to them. A journey that if taken will lead each individual toward true freedom. Through knowledge, we as individuals are empowered.


The path to personal freedom

No more wandering through life wondering why we feel so helpless about our circumstance, why we never seem to get ahead, or worse yet, it seems we are just living to pay bills before we die. Here I hope to share with you knowledge and a  fundamental understanding of how the world actually works so that you can be empowered to make informed life decisions. Reset the game of life in your favor by discovering all the ways it is rigged against you. Know thy enemy!


True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right.


The art of self-ownership.

Who owns me? It may sound like a strange question… but really...
Can anyone own me? Can an entity own me and my l...

"Oh, you're anti-vaccine you must be anti-science."
Actually no, I am "pro" informed consent. Which can look like anti-science to someone wh...

 I don’t believe it is smart to lease the immune systems of the masses out to entities who have track records of harming humans.

1. You aren'...


     Everyone loves science, do they not? It is a methodical and oftentimes successful way to aid in furthering our understanding of the wo...

If only voting the right person in would work to better our world. The reality of the situation is that it simply enables our self-proclaime...


Science has all too often been warped into ridiculous, politically-motivated conclusions about everything the government wants to use to c...

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