How To Deal With Police

Modern-day police have the most unethical jobs known to man. They are paid with money that has been coerced and extorted from the populace; who then use intimidation, force, and violence on the same populace for policy violations that don't even have a victim (meaning no one was hurt or injured in any way). As if that wasn't bad enough they flat out murder anywhere from 700-1500 humans on any given year. The bulk of them being male aged 25-35. In fact, police are currently the number one killer of men in that age range.

We as individuals need to hold the police accountable. This means filming when we see someone who is in trouble. Every police stop has the potential to end in murder. Even for the innocent. Video evidence is often crucial, but unfortunately - no guarantee. It does have weight from a public outrage perspective and that shouldn't be underestimated. We are all in this together. You never know when you may save a life or help bring justice by filming police interactions with humans.

Times are different now. Their crimes are documented and offered up for the world to see. Technology is on our side and cops are being exposed for what they really are on a constant and continuous basis. Here we keep track of crimes cops commit in the hopes to help others realize that as long as we allow an unethical hierarchy of humans to rule over us with force, we will continue to see brutality in our communities and it will only get worse.

How To Deal With Cops |

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