What you talkin bout Willis?

Where do I fit in to all of this?





I am Nicki Lynne, the founder of foraging for freedom.


I have a passion for leading other women to truth & freedom. 


It is my desire to teach humans about self ownership and to inspire them to find a balance between spiritual and physical health, all while foraging a path to freedom through knowledge and truth.



You can read more about my journey here!








What we are talking about is this...


At foraging for freedom, we have a strong desire to help each person live every day with passion, purpose, and freedom as they find enlightenment, empowerment, and nourishment for their body and soul.


There is power in the truth


If you are interested in that elusive thing called the truth, if you are interested in personal development through the truth, then this is the right place for you. This is a place where humans can access resources, concepts, and the information necessary to have a true version of reality presented to them. A journey that if taken will lead each individual toward true freedom.


Through knowledge, we are empowered.



The path to personal freedom


No more wandering through life wondering why we feel so helpless about our circumstance, why we never seem to get ahead, or worse yet why it seems we are just living to pay bills before we die. Here you will find empowerment through knowledge and a  fundamental understanding of how the world actually works so that together we can come up with a plan on how to reset 'the game'.


Here you will have access to the resources and information necessary to create a life of self-sustainability. A place to find not only wholesome ideas, but encouragement, inspiration, tools, a network of humans, and motivation that work hand in hand with principles for your journey to become the only authority over your life, time, and resources.


True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right.






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Nicki's Journey